Asbestos Removal (Below Licensing Level) - -

Asbestos Removal (Below Licensing Level)


  • Full: $260 
  • CITB: $160       

Prices are inclusive of GST.


  • 8 hours / 1 day (Face to Face)


  • 8:00am - 4:30pm or as required

Course Objective:

  • This course is designed to train workers to be able to safely remove asbestos, below the licensing level. It is designed to provide workers with general knowledge and does not give - nor is it designed to provide - workers with sufficient information and training to remove asbestos that is friable. It is strongly advised that Asbestos ID and Awareness should be completed before attending this course.

Course Content:

  • Preparation for asbestos removal
  • Identification of asbestos types
  • Plan and organise work
  • Removal equipment - maintenance and use
  • Safety equipment use, limitations and maintenance
  • Set up site for removal
  • Remove asbestos
  • Decontaminate and demobilise
  • Disposal of asbestos


  • Classroom Participation

Course Award:

  • Certificate of Attendance

Course Prerequisites:

  • Ability to use and understand basic English

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Short Course Training:

The objective of CITB’s Short Course Training program is to raise the level of skill in the construction industry workforce by engaging Eligible Persons in training and skill development activities. CITB facilitates training opportunities and endeavours to ensure that CITB funded training meets both quality standards and industry requirements.

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